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We are particularly pleased to inform you that we were able to look back on 25 years of UBCOM in 2018. This comparatively long market presence is mainly due to you, our customers. So we say "Thank you" – for your long-standing loyalty, your ambitious projects, which we have been able to manage so far, [...]

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Dufner-MDT: Cooperation grows

In both ways, the cooperation with Dufner-MDT, a service provider in the field of plastics characterization and sustainable implementation of development and production of plastic products, has grown continuously in recent years. Initially, agency support was exclusively for the area of press and public relations. Last year the new website for the company, based in [...]

Dufner-MDT: Cooperation grows2019-12-30T14:16:54+01:00

PKT: Strong performance

After years of successful cooperation in press and public relations, the decision-makers at PKT, a manufacturer of high-quality precision plastic parts, considered the time has come to review the entire company presence of PKT and to redesign it. The adjustments that began in 2019 range from an evolutionary revision of the company logo, a new [...]

PKT: Strong performance2019-12-30T14:16:11+01:00

Lauffer: Cooperation renewed

UBCOM has always maintained continuous contact with Lauffer Pressen from Horb, which, with Managing Director Sales and Services, Christof Lauffer, has become increasingly close and intense over the last three years. Currently, the agency's work extends to PR in the field of thermoset presses and vertical injection moulding machines as well as powder presses, but [...]

Lauffer: Cooperation renewed2019-12-30T14:15:43+01:00

Sepro: Experience Full Control

The agency's work in the DACH region for Sepro results from the agency's collaboration with Collins Marketing Communications in Cleveland, Ohio, the lead agency for Sepro. UBCOM helps with the creation, translation and distribution of PR publications in the German-speaking countries of Europe.

Sepro: Experience Full Control2019-12-30T14:15:10+01:00

Plastrac: Growing with the requirements

When it comes to growing with companies and requirements over the years, the agency is fully committed to this procedure. This approach has already been successful several times, and so will it be at Plastrac Inc. from Edgemont, Pennsylvania. The company develops and manufactures gravimetric and volumetric mixers as well as material feeders and containers [...]

Plastrac: Growing with the requirements2019-12-30T14:14:21+01:00

Expanding into China? Use the agency network internationally.

cdc | Brandcreation (www.designconsult.com) a traget-oriented and multidisciplinary working full-service agency for companies, products and services. The agency answers questions institutions ask your customers. The experienced and multidisciplinary working team around Michael Nouri and Christian Hofmann-Kinzl has the solutions based on a transparent strategy leading to success cdc | Brandcreation offers services on all different [...]

Expanding into China? Use the agency network internationally.2018-03-02T01:10:33+01:00

Musical project Tekktonium

Good music is also a valuable way of communicating. Get inspired and relax with music from Tekktonium, a project of two keyboarders that crossover combine a wide variety of music styles into a new sound experience. The first two albums have already been released, for example on Spotify, Apple Music or youtube, the third is [...]

Musical project Tekktonium2019-12-30T13:26:04+01:00

UBCOM: come to South America!

Since many years we have friends in Buenos Aires/Argentina. Based on the fact that many private individuals and companies know the country, but are not familiar with the situation and possibilities on site, i.e. how companies can gain a footing in the country, we build a cooperation that works very well for both private and [...]

UBCOM: come to South America!2018-02-15T09:48:45+01:00

Thomas Schwachulla: specialist in plastics

The editorial office Thomas Schwachulla and the owner of the same name are well known in the plastics industry for perfect journalistic and comprehensive editing. The cooperation between Schwachulla and UBCOM, existing since 2007, is great also on a personal level, target-oriented and greatly appreciated as an extension to the existing agency capacity. In the [...]

Thomas Schwachulla: specialist in plastics2018-02-15T09:48:33+01:00
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